Leader Training 2

At Vineyard Columbus we believe that training and growth should be on-going in the life of a disciple.  For this reason we stretch our small group leader training out over several months and add the assistance of small group Coaches.  Leader training begins with Leader Training 1 and continues with Leader Training 2, which should stretch out over the next 12 to 18 months.  In addition to these training modules there are multiple resources and classes available for the growing disciple.

If you have completed Leader Training 1, then connect with your small group Coach on which module from Leader Training 2 (LT2) is next for you.  You many also click the link below to watch any of our LT2 training modules and click here for the manual.

Module 1 – The Heart of a Leader: Character
Module 2 – Studying the Bible
Module 3 – Naturally Supernatural
Module 4 – Mission
Module 5 – Self Care
Module 6 – Group Care