Coach Training 2

At Vineyard Columbus we believe that training and growth should be on-going in the life of a disciple.  As a small group Coach, your role will be to come alongside leaders at various stages of maturity and help them grow.  After Coach Training 1 (which is completed upon attendance of the Coach Interest Meeting) please watch these short training videos at your leisure.  These videos will help you in the process of leading leaders.

Coach Training 2

Module 1 – Leading a Small Group at VC

Module 2 – How to have your first face to face meeting.

Module 3 – How to walk through the Group Check-In Form.  (coming soon)

Module 4 – When to hand things off to a Pastor.  (coming soon)

Module 5 – How to best utilize Weekend Services. (coming soon)

Module 6 – Leader Training 3 for small group leaders.  (coming soon)