“Welcome” Suggestions

  1. Find a point person to organize a snack schedule. Make it fun by using themes – ethnic food, sweet v. savory, “something a twelve year old eats,” etc..)
  2. Read over some ideas for fishing ponds from where you can meet and recruit new people to your group.
  3. Create a Small Group “flyer” that describes all pertinent details about your group. Consider putting a photo of the group on it. Include some basic details of the kinds of people in the group and what you like to do together. This can be used when small group inquiries come in and as something printed to hand to people you meet or pray for at the weekend services. Be sure the Community Life Staff is kept up-to-date on any changes to the group name, location, meeting time, etc. Email:  smallgroups@vineyardcolumbus.org 
  4. Enlist a friendly and outgoing member of your group to follow up with any guests after their initial visit. Encourage them to get the guest’s email/phone number for later follow-up.
  5. Use Ice breakers to get people talking. Everyone is then invited to say something at the beginning of the group. This can also be a really important time to get everyone’s name and to have some fun together.
  6. Meet with your host to come up with creative ways to make the host home feel more welcoming (extra seating, candles, pets removed, etc…)
  7. Start the meeting 15 minutes earlier so more social time can occur before the meeting starts.
  8. Be sure to let everyone know when the group is “officially” over, which allows people who need to leave to do so, but invite anyone who is able to linger and talk and/or pray remain after the group ends.
  9. Have regular, even ritual, prayers at the beginning of the group to help everyone settle in together and before the Lord. “God we invite your presence. Any burdens we came in with, any anxieties we are carrying , we lay at your feet…”
  10. Consider starting a Facebook group to help organize communication and keep in touch throughout the week.
  11. Use www.signupgenius.com for event planning. Another useful tool is www.mealtrain.com.