Advent Small Group Study Options

VC Small Group Leaders!

Thank you for all the positive feedback we received from the Gospel of God small group study series. The 9-part series allowed your small groups to engage in discussion and study the Bible with a new format that included a short video. We will try a similar study next spring.

In the meantime we are moving into the Advent season, but due to the length of the current Romans series our Advent series won’t begin until Dec 15th. If you haven’t finished the Gospel of God small group studies, please aim to use those until your group has completed them (they’re not tied to specific weekend messages). If you have finished the 9-part series, we have some Advent options for you below:

Resource from Vineyard Publishing:

1. Baggage – Christmas SG Curriculum
Details: As we journey with Christ we bring baggage and we pick up baggage along the way. Traveling light by letting it go is the best way to enjoy the Life God gives us. Use this 4 week small group curriculum to bring a new perspective to Christmas to your small group.

2. Within Our ReachA Christmas Devotional Journey For Kingdom People ($2.99 download)
These 20 pages will inspire your small group through the Christmas season, and at the same time reinforce core Kingdom theology and Vineyard values highlighted by the Incarnation of Christ, such as:
• Hope: Seeing what the Father is doing, and joining Him
• Peace: Bringing healing in all aspects of life
• Joy: Everybody gets to play
• Love: Loving God and loving people
• Jesus: Becoming Kingdom people in the world

Additional Small Group Options (books available at VC book store):

  1. Adapt the Individual Devotional Studies available here (12/1/2013 –> Example)
  2. The Journey – Adam Hamilton
  3. 25 days of Advent – NIV once a day
  4. The greatest Gift – Voskamp
  5. Proclaiming Christmas – J.John