Parable of the Strong Man – Luke 11:14-28 (Jul 27-28)

This weekend, each campus had a different preacher and a slightly different sermon preached. Due to the sermon variation a sermon-based study won’t be created.

Here are a couple of options for your groups this week:

  1. Further dig into the Luke 11 – use the sermon you listened to as a jumping off point to apply the text further. Be sure to dive deeply into one of the major themes of the text – such as who the strong man and the “stronger man” represent, what Jesus’ warnings mean for us today, our naivete and often neglect of the realities of spiritual warfare, and how can we access God’s power to break free from sin and addiction…it’s an important bridge to make that we can’t walk this out on our own, we were designed to do it with others in the context of community.
  2. Consider using Maggie Baxter’s follow-up studies (located on the back of the bulletin). If you don’t have a copy, click here. Ephesians 6 would be a particularly helpful text to review in group this week.