Reminders for May (Andy Saperstein)

Dear faithful Co-ed, Joshua House, Men’s, Women’s, and Support & Recovery Leaders:

A happy May Day to you all!

Just a couple quick reminders this month:

  • Be sure to mark your calendars and attend one of the events for leaders only on May 21 or June 4 at 7:30 p.m. where Rich Nathan will be sharing in some depth about how we as a church, and as leaders and pastors, should approach the matters of homosexuality, same-sex marriage, same-sex attraction, etc. from a Biblical, ethical, pastoral, and public policy perspective.  This is an important pastoral matter these days, as you all know, so do try to attend only one of the two events, as they will cover the same material.  Contact Deb George (, 614.259.5358) for more information.
  • If the members of your group are not involved in serving folks outside your group, either individually or corporately, then do consider serving in VineyardKids this summer.  VineyardKids has a serious need for folks to help out in the classrooms, and your group may be able to help.  Please contact Tina Pinardi ( or Linda Heselton ( to get involved.
  • Also, World Relief has many wonderful opportunities for you or your group to serve newly arriving immigrants and refugees in small or large ways.  This is a wonderful way to welcome new arrivals to Columbus encounter the love of Jesus right away.  Sadly, Tamerlan Tsarnayev, the recently killed Boston bomber, was interviewed several years ago and said that he had no American friends.  Small touches can make a big difference in individual lives, and far beyond. Please contact Brian Zimmerman ( to get involved.
  • Finally, check the Service Central link on this newsletter for more opportunities for you and your group to get involved in serving.

Sincere blessings to you all as we seem to have finally entered spring in earnest.

With warm respect,

Andy Saperstein