“We-Production” Suggestions

  1. Have small group members take the spiritual gifts inventory to help identify their spiritual gifts.
  2. Meet with small group attendees individually to encourage and brainstorm ways they would like to get more involved in serving the group.
  3. Almost every area of small group life can given away to attendees.  Identify areas of your small group that are being performed only by leaders or by the core team and brainstorm ways to invite attendees to participate.  Examples of small group life that can be given away include:
    1. Administrative tasks: email lists, communication, snack lists.
    2. Service tasks: organizing regular service opportunities for the small group attendees to participate.
    3. Hospitality: greeting visitors at the door, hosting weekly group meetings, hosting group gatherings, initiating outside group hangouts
    4. Announcements
    5. Worship
    6. Planning/Leading group discussion
    7. Leading group welcome and name game
  4. Identify 1-2 people that are potential small group leaders and begin meeting with them regularly.
  5. Identify 1-2 people that are potential small group leaders and recommend them for new leaders training by filling out the recommendation form and returning it to deb.george@vineyardcolumbus.org.
  6. If a person is prophetically gifted encourage them to attend Healing 1, 2, and 3 and then invite them to lead ministry time for group.
  7. If a person has a gift in teaching, give them guidance on how to create an inductive bible study and then invite them to lead discussion.
  8. If a person has a pastoral gifting, encourage them to meet with new attendees or newer believers outside of group.
  9. If a person is gifted organizationally, invite them to take over the more administrative tasks of group such as email communication.