Celebrating Unity & Diversity: God’s Five Act Story/Drama (Sep 15 – 16)

A guest speaker, Alexander Venter, spoke about the Unity and Diversity of Kingdom of God, represented in God’s “new people” the church. Moving through an outline spanning from Genesis to Revelation, Venter preached the theme of God’s restorative plan to reverse the curse of the Fall (loss of Shalom) and the curse at Babel (loss of unity) by ultimately healing all broken relationships with God, with people, and with each other through Christ and the work of His church. The goal of unity is not uniformity, but the celebration and completeness of bringing together and maintaining diversity within the unified whole. This is the picture in Rev 7:9, this is the aim of the Church of Jesus, and the hope for the world.

Due to the presence of a guest speaker, a complete Sermon Based Bible Study won’t be provided this week. Please consider using some of Venter’s texts from the sermon or consider using the follow-up Bible Studies Maggie Baxter writes that are provided in each weekend’s bulletin/outline.

Below is Venter’s outline:

  • Act 1 Creation & Eden:  Diversity in a Unity of Shalom
  • Act 2 Babel:  Division of people
  • Act 3 Abraham & Israel:  Renewed Unity to Redeem and Reconcile Diversity – and its failures. 
                Gen 12:1-2
  • Act 4 Jesus & his Community:  Recreated Shalom-Unity in a Celebration of Reconciled-Diversity
    2Cor 5:16-21
    Eph 2:14-18
    Gal 2:26-29
  • Act 5 The End & Eternity:  Consummated Unity in Celebrated Diversity
    Rev 5:9-10 & 7:9-10