Returning to Our Small Group Roots:  Discipleship, Service, Community (Andy Saperstein)

On August 25, we will together celebrate our 25th anniversary as Vineyard Columbus by sending 5000 of our number around the city of Columbus to serve our city.  This stands as a wonderful opportunity for us as a small group community to “press the reset button” on service through our small groups, and to continue moving together back to our small group roots of discipleship, service, and community.

As small group leaders, you are the lifeblood of the church – you give of yourselves week by week to build a community of people who know and love Jesus and one another, who seek to grow as obedient disciples of Christ, and who sacrificially love the world through evangelism and service.  Much of what we have come to be as a church rests on the shoulders of leaders like you who have been willing in small ways, among small groups of ordinary people, to consistently build and model discipleship, service, and community as a way of life, all under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you for being an example to us all!

As Rich Nathan wrote in his most recent congregational email, this will be a year in which we intentionally work together to return to our roots of friendship and community, in and through which we freely serve the world and grow as followers of Jesus.  The groups you lead, no matter how large or small, are meant to be the place where our lives are relationally rooted enough to serve and grow – I cannot say enough just how truly important to the Lord’s work are the many humble, scattered small groups that you lead in this church.  Without our small groups, we simply cannot be what He intends us to be in the future.

As we walk into the 25th anniversary celebration together, let me encourage you as leaders to recommit before the Lord to the important work of building community, growing disciples, and serving the world together.  And as you do so, join with thousands of your brothers and sisters in the church in serving the city together on August 25.  Be sure to lead the members of your group in signing up for a service project together by going online at  and registering.  For our Lord Himself did not come to be served, but to serve, and He also calls us to do as He Himself has done.

Discipleship, service, community – let’s return together to our roots.