Jesus: The Lion Who is The Lamb

What we’re doing in the weeks leading up to Christmas is anticipating the approach or arrival of Jesus Christ at Christmas. Historically, Advent anticipated not only Jesus’ first coming at Christmas, but Advent was also an anticipation of Jesus’ second coming when he gathers to himself his children and judges the world. For this Advent series we’re looking at portraits of Jesus from the book of Revelation.
This weekend, Pastor Rich continued his advent series, preaching on chapters 4 and 5 from the book of Revelation. These chapters reveal to us who we are worshipping and why. Worship helps us to understand our place in the universe and help us to understand our savior, Jesus. When we worship we get to take off the lenses that the world gives us and see our reality for what it really is. From the book of revelation we see that God is the center of the universe, not ourselves. Jesus saves us from the illusion that life revolves around us. John’s revelation also reveals that God is not only the center of the universe but the ruler of the universe. The only way we can be liberated from the idols and the self-centeredness we’ve attached ourselves to is to worship the God who sits on the throne at the center of the universe. Rich challenged us with the question of where we find ourselves positioned in respect to the Throne of God and what things do we find ourselves really being controlled by. In Chapter 5, John’s revelation declares that Jesus is the only one who can reveal what the worlds destiny is. In worshipping Christ, we focus our attention on the cross and we are given the key to the world’s meaning, the key to the world’s destiny. The cross tells us two things. It tells us that we are sinners and that God loves us and accepts us anyway. As we focus upon Jesus, we hear by the Holy Spirit what John heard. Death doesn’t have the last word. The Slain Lamb is standing. Jesus has risen. And so will every dead person attached to Christ rise from the dead. Jesus in his death and resurrection is the Revealer of the world’s destiny and the Revealer of God’s perfect love.

Due to the Christmas Holiday there will be no sermon study posted this week and next week.