Reflect, Evaluate and Plan

Find a point person to organize a snack schedule. Make it fun by using themes – ethnic food, sweet v. savory, “something a twelve year old eats,” etc..) Read over some ideas for fishing ponds from where you can meet and recruit new people to your group. Create a Small Group “flyer” that describes all [...]

“Welcome” Suggestions

Attend a worship night at Vineyard called Face to Face with your group. Blurb: come join us for an evening of extended worship, prayer & ministry time.  This is a church wide event so ALL are welcome.  Childcare is not provided.  For more information, contact Carrie Mitchell at carrie.mitchell@vineyardcolumbus.org or 614-259-5310. If you don’t have [...]

“Worship” Suggestions

Set aside 10-15 minutes once in a while to hear people share their testimonies – What has God done in your life? What is he doing now? Perhaps review with people beforehand to gain a full understanding into what they hope to say. Leaders consider going first to establish a [...]

“We-lationship” Suggestions

Use some of the pre-written topical Bible studies available under small group resources found on VC’s small group leader website (www.vcsmallgroups.org) There are certain books that leaders can use as the basis for a series and would not require your group members to also purchase.  These would include; A Long Obedience [...]

“Word” Suggestions

Attend the Holy Spirit Experience together as a group on a Saturday; check The Mix for the dates of the next available sessions.  Holy Spirit Experience is a wonderful way to create a shared group experience with the Holy Spirit and begin discussing how to grow collectively in Holy Spirit [...]

“Wind and Waiting” Suggestions

Have small group members take the spiritual gifts inventory to help identify their spiritual gifts. Meet with small group attendees individually to encourage and brainstorm ways they would like to get more involved in serving the group. Almost every area of small group life can given away to attendees.  Identify areas of [...]

“We-Production” Suggestions