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I didn’t grow up Catholic. My Dad did…and a few in my family are still deeply faith-filled Catholics. But without that background myself, my first thought as a new Christian of the practice of confession was this: corrupt priests giving forgiveness to rich people and heaping shame on those who [...]

The Lost Art of Confession

Dear Fellow Leaders, God is at work all around Vineyard Columbus, among our hundreds of small groups and leaders, and in the Community Life staff team that seeks to partner with Him to make our small groups part of a vital community of disciples church wide. Today I want to share [...]

One Body, One Lord

by Andy Saperstein Among Paul’s closing words in his letter to the Colossians are the ones below, and they continue today to speak clearly to us, as both a church and as a community of leaders.   2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. 3 And pray for us, too, that God [...]

Pray, Be Wise, Be Full of Grace

by Daniel Nathan Your small group can still have an intimate and powerful worship experience without having a trained musician in your group. Worship is always God-ward. Worshipping requires we orient our hearts and minds toward God. Worship involves expressing to Him our love and adoration by engaging our full humanity [...]

Small Group Worship without a Guitar

by Andy Saperstein  Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, a time when God’s people gather together before Him to seek Him in sobriety and hope – sobriety at the sin that has so encroached upon our lives over the past year, and hope in the freedom He offers to us as we cast [...]

Our Bent for Lent

by Daniel Nathan We have become experts at sniffing out fakes, identifying the imposters, and avoiding dubious financial schemes. We’ve learned to be duly skeptical of “get it quick” messages that get pumped into our lives via TV, our email, or our phones and tablets. While we’ve finely tuned our senses to [...]

Searching for a Spirituality of Substance